Monday, 24 September 2018

Four Years Later

I'm not sure where the past 4 years have gone, but they certainly were not spent writing this blog!  

I did run a blog on fitness for a short while alongside this one, but I found it difficult to compete with the many web pages and sites dedicated to that subject and it was also quite challenging to produce original material. 

I haven’t been idle during my absence, continuing to travel, sail and run as much as possible, along side completing a degree in Sport, Fitness and Coaching with the Open University, which I feel complements my Personal Trainer and UK Athletics Coaching qualifications.

Anyway, this blog will continue to occupy a very small space within the narrow confines of the infinite inter-web, whilst I go out and continue to explore the big, wide, wonderful World......

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Keep on Running......

Earlier this year I had stepped up my training and devised a new training program for myself to follow, so I thought it was important to put it to the test and check that it was working by getting a few races under my belt.
First of all I revisited the Stour Valley Path 100km race which I had attempted last year (see earlier post) and had unfortunately timed out after 40 miles - I had put this down to the fact I had only finished my UK circumnavigation 2 weeks previously and my lack of running fitness was very obvious.  
This year I went for the earlier start time, which gave me 15hrs 30mins to complete the course and, as the race was being held a month earlier than 2013, there was also more daylight to complete the event in.
At the finish of the SVP100
I'm pleased to say I completed the 62 miles in 13hrs 47mins (results here).  Reviewing my performance post race, I realised I had let myself get very dehydrated and this resulted in me slowing considerably in the final stages, resorting to a walk for much of the latter stages of the course.  I put this down to using a bladder and tube during the race to take on my fluids and was unable to properly monitor how much water I was drinking, or get the water into my mouth quickly enough. So I decided to switch back to bottles for the next event.

On the start line with 50 miles to go....
Three weeks later I was on the start line of the Dig Deep Ultra Tour Suffolk 50 miles, another trail race. 
This time I made sure I drank enough fluids and felt much more comfortable throughout the race, although towards the end of the race I found it difficult to eat anything.  I manage to complete the distance in 9hrs 43min, well within my 10hr target, finishing in 11th place overall and the first over 50 finisher! (Results here)
At the finish and still running....
I am currently waiting to hear if my entry into the Dragon's Back Race has been accepted; I should find out by the end of the month and if successful this event will become the main focus of my training over the next 9 months.  Entry is limited to around 150 runners and previous experience to taken into account...fingers crossed.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

To The Isles of Scilly.....

Having recently returned from another sailing trip, I thought I would share a few photos with you.  
I joined the yacht "Moonstone", a Westerly Konsort, in Weymouth and from there we made our way along the south coast, before setting off from Newlyn Harbour heading for the Isles of Scilly....which is somewhere that I have wanted to sail to for some time now.
The wind, tide and weather were all in our favour and we arrived at St Mary's well ahead of our schedule, but not before being entertained by the dolphins:
Our approach into the Isles of Scilly
It may look like the Caribbean, but this is the Isles of Scilly!

There was a whole beach covered in these stone towers!

St Hugh's 
 After a few days exploring St Mary's we headed back to the mainland, this time making our way along the north coast of Cornwall then Devon.  

You see some amazing things!
Clovelly from the sea
I stepped ashore again in Clovelly and made my way up the narrow cobble street, to catch a bus at the visitors centre, 400m above the sea, to start my journey home.

Moonstone continues her journey around Britain and I may well join her again as she comes down the East coast.
Looking down into Clovelly Harbour (Moonstone on the right of picture)
Heading up to the bus stop!!