Friday, 30 March 2012

The Straits

If you have ever been to the O2 Arena to watch a concert or see a sporting event then you may have come away with the feeling that you are not quite as much a part of the event as you would like to be; often sat high up away from all the action.  What you may not have noticed is the lesser known venue tucked away within the dome, called O2Indigo.
It’s a much smaller and more intimate location and last night we were there to watch and listen to “The Straits”, just 4 rows from the front in the standing area.

The Straits are not a Dire Straits tribute band - basically they are the Dire Straits minus Mark Knopfler, with a few more ‘real’ musicians added in.
Whilst no one can really ever match the velvet tones of Mark’s voice or give as much feeling to the guitar riffs he could always effortlessly knock out, Terence Reis (the new front man) did an excellent job as the band performed classic hit after classic hit to an appreciative crowd made up from all ages groups.

Having missed Dire Straits 30 year ago, this had to have been one of the last chances to see such a group of talented musicians playing such brilliantly written music - an awesome night!

If you get the chance; go and see them......!! 

Or watch these video clips......

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Shooting in a Studio.......

How to sell lipstick?
Up until now the majority of my photography has taken place in the great outdoors.  But when the chance to take part in a studio photography training day at PTP Studio came up, I was more than happy to take on the new challenge.

The results of that day are below:

Cold tea I'm afraid.....and it didn't taste very nice either!

Learning how to use lighting and backdrops was all part of the day.

A classic pose.

Another classic shot of a dart bursting a balloon - guess how it's done!
She isn't actually playing the guitar!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Messing About on the Water

When the weather is fine you know it's the time
For messin' about on the water

If you take my advice there's nothing so nice
As messin' about on the water

There's big boats and wee boats ands all kinds of craft

Puffers and keel boats and some with no raft
With the wind in your face there's no finer place
Than messin' about on the water
There are boats made from kits that'll reach you in bits

For messin' about on the water
And you might want to skull in a glass fibered hull

Go messin' about on the water

Anchors and tillers and rudders and cleets
Ropes that are sometimes referred to as sheets
With the wind in your face there's no finer place
Than messin' about on the water
Skippers and mates and rowing club eights
All messin' about on the water

Capstans and quays where you tie up with ease
All messin' about on the water
Outboards and inboards and dinghies you sail
The first thing you learn is the right way to bale
In a one man canoe you're both skipper and crew
Messin' about on the water
Moorings and docks, tailors and locks
All messin' about on the water
Whirlpools and weirs that you must not go near


Messin' about on the water
Backwater places all hidden from view
Mysterious wee islands just waiting for you
So I'll leave you right now, go cast off your bow
Go messing about on the water

Original by (Tony Hatch / Les Reed)
Josh MacRae - 1962
Danny Kyle - 1998

All these photos taken over the past week sailing out of Plymouth, Fowey and Falmouth.  Unfortunately we were fogged in at Falmouth for two days, but we still had a great time messing about on the water!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Our Feathered Friends.

I’ve been out in our lovely British countryside with my camera............can you spot the odd one out?