Friday, 28 September 2012

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Will you be the one?

This blog is getting close to its 10,000th viewer.......will you be the one?

Thank you to everyone who has visited my blog and for all the positive feedback that I have received - please keep coming back.
It's my mate again!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Tri, Tri, Tri Again.....and Celeb Spotting!

 This weekend saw Anita's annual pilgrimage to the Excel Centre to take part in the London Triathlon.  As always it was a great event for both the organisation and the atmosphere and it was terrific to see so many people taking part over the two days.

As well as Anita and many of our friends taking on the 3 challenging disciplines, there were plenty of celebs at the event (TOWIE was also being filmed there - whatever that is?), many of them were even taking part...although some of their make-up was just too good so I'm not sure they did the swim or pushed themselves too hard.

I will let you put the names to the faces.....


Sunday, 16 September 2012

We are sailing...........

 We had a great days sailing out along the Orwell River and past Harwich and Felixstowe docks.  It was the first real opportunity we have had to test out all the refurbishments, replacements and repairs we have done over the past few months and I'm pleased to report most of that work has been successful.

The tick-over of the engine seems to be a little slow, which caused the engine to stall just as we entered the Ipswich lock on our return to our marina berth.  Luckily we were almost at a standstill when it cut out, so we were able to secure Brown Eyes alongside before anything could get damaged.

There is still plenty of work left to do, but at least we can take her out sailing now.......

Monday, 10 September 2012

Proms in the (Hyde) Park

40,000 people at Proms in the Park 

And us of course
Picnic Blankets and folding chairs,
Sir Terrance of Wogan and his TOGs were there.
Bjorn Again gave us Dancing Queen
And Proms in the Park rocked the scene.
Bjorn Again - Waterloo
Kylie Manogue strutted her stuff
And Tony Blackburn made us laugh.
Tenor Alfie Boe blasted out his tunes,
The Il Divo four, “Somewhere” soon.
On a Night Like This
The Fab Four were back with “Let it Be”
Along with a Concert Orchestra from the BBC.
The fireworks rocketed into the sky
The British at their best - an emotional high!
The cast of "Let it Be" - better than the originals?

We were joined by Albert as the evening ended,
"Jerusalem" was sung, as one voice trumpeted.
“God Save the Queen” rounded off the night
And Union Flags were the only sight.

Lubricating our throats before the singing begins
We joined the Albert Hall for the finale - but only we had the fireworks!

Monday, 3 September 2012

More Fun and Games.....

Another trip to the Olympic Park; this time it was the Paralympics and also to take in the atmosphere of the park itself.  With tickets to the morning matches of the 7-a-side football and the evening session of the athletics, this gave us a chance to wander around the grounds and spend some time looking all the details and meticulously planned features that it is easy to miss as you dash from the station to the various arenas to take in the sport.


Well it was quite hot that day!
Beautiful carpets of wild flowers everywhere

7-a-side action
The main Olympic Arena

Seated Javlin

Irishman Jason Smyth on his way to Gold

The 'Blade Runner' way out in front
Fellow athletes watch those competing
Sprint start
World record after World record was broken that evening

As for the sport, well all the headlines and media coverage have already said it........inspirational!!!!!!