Monday, 21 May 2012

Brown Eyes is Blue!

Well it has been another busy few weeks with one thing and another, hence no entries on here.  We have been to see the very funny Paul Merton here in Ipswich and then Jimmy Carr (even more funny) in Felixstowe. I’ve also been involved in a few Bootcamp sessions, which is a little like a busman’s holiday but great fun and I have had several more photographs in the local newspapers, including a 2-page spread on the demolition of a local factory site and some more of my wildlife shots.
A day-long Bootcamp at Iken Barns
The main thing that has been occupying me though is the furthering of the dream.......and I’m pleased to say that the next phase is now complete - I now own a yacht!!
The proud new owner - keys in hand!
“Brown Eyes” is an Oyster Mariner 35, a spacious, centre-cockpit, long-finned, ketch-rigged yacht.  Anita and I went to take her over yesterday and to meet the previous owner.  I will be taking her out sailing later in the week, so will get to know her better then and will probably have plenty more photos and tales to tell.......

Brown Eyes out of the water during the survey.

Friday, 4 May 2012

iWitness 24

Check out this site for more of my photographs and photos from others that live in and around Suffolk:

The Ipswich Star should be publishing some of my pictures this don’t forget to get your copy ;-)