Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Now Available in the iTunes Bookstore......

I'm pleased to say that my latest book "Images and Thoughts from India" has been accepted in the iTunes Bookstore and is available here:

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Peel to Malahide (nr Dublin)

Saturday morning and the wind had finally put in an appearance.  So once the tide was rising and there was enough water for the harbour gate to be opened, I radioed the Harbour Master and requested an exit through the swing bridge.  Judging by the number of other yachts waiting to go out, I wasn't the only one waiting for the breeze.
Heading out of the harbour.....
Looking back........ 
Heading out to sea...
A final look back at the Isle of Man.
The sailing was good for the first few hours with wind speeds of around 15kts.....but it didn't last for long.  Soon after midday the wind dropped and so did my speed, so once again it was time to release the 40 horses waiting patiently in the Volvo Penta down below.

As the Irish coast line came into sight, I was joined by a welcoming committee:

They stayed with me for around 10 minutes, swimming alongside and darting back and forwards across my bow.

Shortly after the sun had set I arrived in the Malahide harbour and found a berth for Brown Eyes.
Malahide in sight.
 It is always interesting to arrive in the darkness and then to wake up in daylight to see exactly where you are:

The Irish Coastguard and RNLI even put on a little early morning entertainment for us:

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Sun, Sand and Hills in Peel.....

I cannot believe that I have reached the age that I am and I have never been to the Isle of Man before - this place is a real gem!  Unspoiled, picturesque and friendly.



This gate, leading into the harbour, only comes down at High Water plus or minus 2hrs - so timing your arrival is important.........
or you will be stuck on the mud!
Empty beaches!
Peel Castle

Lighthouse of the Day at Peel
Can you spot Brown Eyes?
Looking back along the coast we had sailed past.

Unfortunately I only have a few days here, but definitely a place worth revisiting - and evidently they have a motorcycle race here as well!!
Time to push on to Dublin, soon........

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Derby Haven to Peel......

First of all a few shots from my time at Derby Haven:
A couple of seals swam around the cove every evening,
but didn't come close to Brown Eyes
I think this was the Loch Ness monster on his holidays.....!
It was only a short hop from Derby Haven around to Peel on the West coast of the Isle of Man and once again there was a distinct shortage of wind.

Heading into Calf Sound
My route took me through Calf Sound on the southern tip of the island and this is the narrowest sound that I have passed through so far.  The currents were not as strong or as turbulent as some that I encountered off Wales, but the lack of room for error helped to concentrate my mind.  That said, the abundance of seals basking on the rocks either side definitely drew my attention and I couldn’t resist taking a few photos with one hand, whilst ensuring a straight course was maintained with the other.
The southern tip of IoM
Seals watching me pass......
......through Calf Sound.
Once through I could put the auto-pilot back on and enjoy the views.
Lighthouse of the Day
As always with my destinations, there was a tidal gate to meet to gain entry into Peel Harbour which I comfortably made this time, as this was only a short passage.

I have time for a couple of days 'down-time' here in Peel, before heading further across the Irish Sea and Dublin.  Hopefully the wind will pick up a little.....but the sunshine stays.
Peel Castle 
I think my nose nearly matches my lifejacket now!