Monday, 19 September 2011

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

Once again I found myself beside the sea this last weekend and what a lovely part of the English coastline it was.  It is like stepping back in time if you visit Southwold and being in one of those old fashioned seaside resorts of yesteryear.  

 Southwold has a traditional pier complete with ice-cream stalls, souvenir shops, telescopes, slot machines and a cafe with outdoor seating so that you can enjoy the sea air whilst tucking into your cream tea.  
Southwold from the pier
A water clock on the pier

The pier also houses the “Under the Pier Show” which contains some unique hand-built machines including ‘Whack the Banker’ and ‘Rent a Dog’ are a few pictures of those wonderful machines:

And a few other photographs of Southwold to show you what you are missing, if you haven’t been.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Food for thought.

First of all an apology  - I still haven’t got around to posting the surfing pictures.......but they are on their way - I promise.
Guess what this is:
It’s a melon, in case you didn’t manage to guess and below are some further examples of food carving that I was amazed to see whilst at the wedding reception of some friends over the weekend.  Aren’t they wonderful?

Each flower is more carved food

Melon Doves 

A fruit heart - well it was a wedding!
Right, back to the books and the revision - it's the final theory exams tomorrow morning!