Monday, 8 July 2013

Back to Liverpool and back to the Sailing......

My 9 days away from Brown Eyes has shot by quicker than I could have imagined.  As well as the socialising and going to see Robbie at Wembly, I have been providing a running analysis service at The Fitness Unit in order to help raise more funds for EACH and that has proved to be very successful - something I will be doing again later in the year.  Whilst on the subject of fitness, if anyone buys the Outdoor Fitness magazine you will find my mugshot in this months edition, under the ‘Faces of Exhaustion‘ heading; more fame!  

The last couple of days has been spent up in Yorkshire and completing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge in 7 hours - good training for my next 2 challenges (photos on FB).

So getting back to the sailing, the next leg of my circumnavigation will see us going across to the Isle of Man and then to Dublin, where I will take another short break to go and see Anita, and others, take part in the London Triathlon.

After that, Anita will join me on Brown Eyes and we will sail some of the Irish East and South coastline.  Then I will be pushing on north again and tackling the rugged coast of Scotland, somewhere I have never sailed before and having read up on the area it looks challenging.

In the meantime I have now replaced the broken auto-pilot belt (although it needs sea-testing) and will be carrying out a few other maintenance tasks aboard Brown Eyes today.  I also need to practice getting the spinnaker sail up single-handed, as this spell of good weather we are currently experiencing means the winds will be light and the larger surface area of the spinnaker will allow me to make better use of them.

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