Monday, 10 September 2012

Proms in the (Hyde) Park

40,000 people at Proms in the Park 

And us of course
Picnic Blankets and folding chairs,
Sir Terrance of Wogan and his TOGs were there.
Bjorn Again gave us Dancing Queen
And Proms in the Park rocked the scene.
Bjorn Again - Waterloo
Kylie Manogue strutted her stuff
And Tony Blackburn made us laugh.
Tenor Alfie Boe blasted out his tunes,
The Il Divo four, “Somewhere” soon.
On a Night Like This
The Fab Four were back with “Let it Be”
Along with a Concert Orchestra from the BBC.
The fireworks rocketed into the sky
The British at their best - an emotional high!
The cast of "Let it Be" - better than the originals?

We were joined by Albert as the evening ended,
"Jerusalem" was sung, as one voice trumpeted.
“God Save the Queen” rounded off the night
And Union Flags were the only sight.

Lubricating our throats before the singing begins
We joined the Albert Hall for the finale - but only we had the fireworks!

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  1. Hello,
    We had stayed there, too.
    We hold the two equal flags in your Il Divo picture.
    Many greetings and see you at the proms in the park 2015



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