Monday, 3 September 2012

More Fun and Games.....

Another trip to the Olympic Park; this time it was the Paralympics and also to take in the atmosphere of the park itself.  With tickets to the morning matches of the 7-a-side football and the evening session of the athletics, this gave us a chance to wander around the grounds and spend some time looking all the details and meticulously planned features that it is easy to miss as you dash from the station to the various arenas to take in the sport.


Well it was quite hot that day!
Beautiful carpets of wild flowers everywhere

7-a-side action
The main Olympic Arena

Seated Javlin

Irishman Jason Smyth on his way to Gold

The 'Blade Runner' way out in front
Fellow athletes watch those competing
Sprint start
World record after World record was broken that evening

As for the sport, well all the headlines and media coverage have already said it........inspirational!!!!!!

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