Thursday, 14 July 2011

Fit for Freedom.

Another week at work, so not too much to tell you about on here really, but as I'm off to do some sailing shortly I thought I would take the opportunity to jot down a few ramblings as getting to a PC next week will be the last thing on my mind, as well as being quite difficult, as I head towards the Channel Isles (weather permitting) .
After my visit to Billingsgate Fish Market last Friday, it was  a dash back to Suffolk to take part in the final (running) race of the Friday 5 Race Series held in the local area.  
Me during a steeplechase race, many years ago!! 
Each of the 5 races is 5 miles long and to take part in the Series, competitors must compete in 4 out of the 5 races to count for the Series' prizes and as I had a DNF on race number 4, I had to finish race number 5 to be eligible for the additional medal and also to get an overall placing in the Series.  Well I'm pleased to say I did finish (35:56 - not my best time, but ok), although I had to hobble the last mile to the finish line due to a calf injury, however, as I haven't really raced for about 10 years I was chuffed with myself.  I'll let you know my overall placing once the results are published.  (Update 15/07/11: I came 12th in my age group)
One of those loud bangs.

Many of you may not know this, but before being discharged from the British military it is necessary to have a medical examination: firstly to ensure that they haven't broken you too badly and secondly to make sure you are fit to be released back into the wild.  I had my examination last Monday.  Up until now I had thought I was progressively going deaf as a result of all the loud bangs and rifle shots that I have been subjected to over the years, however, as it turns out if I wanted to join the RAF today, my hearing is still good enough to do so!  Anyway, it looks as if I am fit enough to be released and to enter into the big wide world……so next January… out civvy street!!! 
My next blog entry will probably not be until the end of next week, hopefully with a few tales from the high-seas - whatever you are up to in the meantime, have a good one! 
PS - We have recently shot through the 2000 'hits' mark on this blog - "Thank you" to everyone for your support - please do keep visiting.

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