Friday, 25 November 2011

The London Meditation Project

Yesterday I spent a lovely, peaceful day with the London Meditation Project.  The Project offers Servicemen and Veterans the opportunity to participate in meditation as a possible means of dealing with their stress or with coming to terms with experiences encountered whilst serving their country during periods of conflict.
I can understand many peoples skepticism about meditation, but I see it as one of those things that has no downside; the only things that can come from meditating are positive.  In the hustle and bustle of the modern, electronic gadget, now-now-now World we currently live in, just to stop for 10 minutes, to sit in silence and look inside yourself, to concentrate on your breathing and calm your mind has to be beneficial to both the body and mind.  I certainly found it so.
You do not have to go to London to experience meditation, it doesn’t take much searching to find somewhere closer to home.  So of you are one of those skeptics who have never actually tried meditation, why not give it a go and find out for yourself - you might just enjoy it and gain from the experience.
You can find out more about the London Meditation Project by clicking here.

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