Thursday, 12 April 2012

Call that a bridge?

I’m currently sat in the air terminal at Athens airport waiting for my flight and do you know what......they give you free internet access!!  Why can’t we do that in the UK?  I suppose by paying for it in the UK (if we choose to) then we get to contribute some more taxes to help our wonderful Government out of a sticky situation.  I’m sure one day they will return the favour.
Anyway, whilst I’m sat here I thought I would put together a quick blog entry before deciding what size Toblerone to purchase.
Arriving in Greece late afternoon on Monday meant that I didn’t get to Lefkas until well after dark, but luckily I had brought my trusty Satnav and it did a pretty good job of map reading for me.  However, there was a moment where I questioned its reasoning when I arrived at the back of a car ferry!  Having previously checked a map and on Google-Earth I was sure that there was meant to be road all the way to my destination, so I back-tracked a little bit.  It was only when another car arrived and drove onto the ferry and straight off the other side that I realised that this was in fact a bridge!
You can see why I was confused......?
The next day I found out from the locals that the normal bridge goes away for a servicing once a year, for 2 weeks, and is replaced by the ferry!

In the daylight you can see the full picture.
As for the yacht hunting, I have found a very strong stay tuned for more details (hopefully) soon. 

I thought I would get a picture of this one before it was moved somewhere else.
I think I will skip the Toblerone purchase.

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