Monday, 6 August 2012

Games on!

Another great Olympic experience, this time at the Olympic Park itself - what an amazing place it is!  

As it was the weekend it was very, very busy there, but every thing ran smoothly and we had plenty of time to get a good look around the park before watching Team GB and Australia play hockey at the Riverside Stadium, followed by Argentina v Spain.
The Velodrome
Both matches were very different from each other, but Team GB deserved their hard-fought draw and the final score in the second game was well earned by Spain (they won 1-3), especially all their goals were scored in the last 10 minutes.
The "Smurf-turf" Hockey Pitch 
Half time in the later match fell at the right time and we saw Bolt win the 100m live on the big screen allowing us to join in with the massive roar from the crowd in the main Olympic Stadium.

Darkness Falls

On one of the radio stations today they were discussing the question "Will all this good will and friendliness being experienced in London at the moment continue after the games?"

Somehow I doubt it, but I would love to be proven wrong. 
The big screens in the Olympic Gardens
The Main Olympic Stadium

The Orbit
The final score
The Main Stadium at night
Once again, well done to all the athletes and a big "thank you" to the Games Makers - what a brilliant job you are all doing.

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