Friday, 14 February 2014

Indian Cooking in Suffolk

Following on from our trip to India last year, we visited the Suffolk Food Hall earlier in the month to take part in a day of Indian cooking with Badu Thobhani.  I've been cooking curries for many years, but it was great to be shown how to properly use all the different spices and herbs to get the best flavours, textures and colours.
Traditional Indian Spice Box

Cooking doesn't get tougher than this!
Badu is a knowledgable and friendly teacher and we produced a number of different dishes, including lamb kebabs, chicken curry, a fish stew, samosas, raita and naans along with a sweet dish, shikhand - delicious! 

We cooked so much we were able to bring lots of food home and and we have been putting our new found skills to good use.

Chicken Curry
Fish Stew

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