Friday, 23 December 2011

The Olympics are coming.

I have mentioned the 2012 Olympics on here before and I count myself as very lucky to have some tickets to attend just a few of the events next year.  
A long time ago I had the chance to run around the athletics track of the Berlin Olympic stadium, during a pre-race event for the Berlin marathon, and even though it was long after the Olympics had taken place there, you could still sense the atmosphere within the arena where the World’s best athletes had competed against each other.
Barcelona Stadium

Recently, when walking around the grounds of the Barcelona Olympic stadium I had much the same feeling and I couldn’t help but be impressed by grandeur of the location overlooking the Royal Palace.

The Royal Palace

Having now been past the British 2012 stadium at Stratford (overlooking a shopping centre!!), I wonder if the same atmosphere will be present.....I do hope so.

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