Saturday, 14 July 2012

More Winches....

With a total of nine winches on board Brown Eyes, I have quite a task of getting them all serviced.  Some seem to be the original winches, fitted 30 years ago, and some have been added more recently.  I have just tackled one of the two-speed, self-tailing winches - without the aid of a manual!

Taking it apart seemed never ending as the pile of removed parts stacked up.  Once cleaned, re-greased and oiled as appropriate, I then gradually worked out how all the cogs, bearings and pins went back together.  I did have one spare part left over once it was reassembled, so then had to partially take it apart again until I got the offending item in its correct place.......
Seven to go......

PS - In case you hadn't noticed this is post number 100 - thank you for all your support, page views and comments.

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