Tuesday, 20 November 2012


One of those things that has been keeping me busy and away from my blog writing has been my further training in the fitness industry.

I have been running for over 30 years and considered myself to be a half-decent runner.  I have completed runs and races over just about every distance; from 100m all the way up to marathons and beyond and everything in-between.  However, even this old dog can be taught new tricks and I have recently qualified as a "Natural Running" coach and this has put a new lease of life into my running career.

As you would expect there is an endless supply of information to be found on the inter-web about natural running, also sometimes known as barefoot running, so I will try to sum up the essence of it here, without going into too much detail.

Natural Running is about efficient running; minimising wasted energy and staying injury free.  Unfortunately, Mr Nike and the like introduced our feet to motion control footwear and caused us to start running less efficiently and less naturally, which in turn started an increase in the number of running related we bought more expensive trainers with more cushioning and more foot control, which cause more injuries.......(you get the picture?)

By removing the 'swoop' from your foot your feet and whole body can then start to run how it was designed to.  There are now trainers available that are designed to accommodate this style of running, although it is not advisable just to switch straight from your current super-cushioned-control-trainers to something a bit more minimalist - that is where a coach comes in.  With the help of a few drills and techniques and being aware of how you run you can soon change your running style and improve your efficiency.  

If you run and don't enjoy it, maybe you are doing it wrong - find yourself a decent coach and maybe things will change!

3000m Steeplechase - many years ago!

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