Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Challenge One...........

For the regular visitors to this blog you will be aware that I am the proud owner of an 1982 Oyster Marina 35ft sailing yacht.  I bought her about a year ago and have spent the last 12 months cleaning, repairing, replacing, servicing, updating, painting, varnishing and working-on turning a 31 year old, mould covered, leaky boat into a seaworthy yacht - and I'm pleased to say I'm nearly there!  There are plenty of photos on this blog of "Brown Eyes" so you should be able to see some of the work that's gone on.

So, Challenge One is to sail "Brown Eyes" around the UK - in maritime speak that's "Circumnavigate". 
I have been sailing for about 7 years now, but have never sailed single-handed and it looks like much of this journey will be a good chance to practice. I have friends and family who will hopefully meet me along the way, but much of this challenge will be done on my own.
I am hoping to set off in the next week or so and be back in Ipswich by the end or October - weather and tides permitting!
I will have some EACH banners on the sides of "Brown Eyes" as I enter and leave the ports and marinas along the way, hopefully raising awareness of this important charity.

Please do support me in this challenge by donating here:

Challenge Two to follow shortly......

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