Saturday, 14 May 2011

Me, me, me!!!!

I find it very strange that someone would accuse me of using this blog to only talk about myself - right from the very start that has been the whole point:
“This blog will be the link to my current journey, what am I up to now, where are my plans taking me and......well anything else I want to get off my chest.”
- A quote from my very first blog entry.
I have actively avoided putting details of other people on here, after all there is such a thing as personal privacy and I wouldn’t want to upset anyone.  I have mentioned a few people on here in the past, but usually as a public "thank-you" or because they have been a positive influence on my life.

Most of the ramblings on these pages are just that, ramblings.  If people want to read them and follow my adventures, then that is great and you are welcome to come along for the ride. However, like TV, everyone has a choice through use of the on/off one forces you to view what is broadcast on there, or on here. So be warned: there will be more of me, me, me!!!!

Today marks the 8-months-to-go point before I shed the green skin and step out into the big, wide outside world.  It will be in January 2012 when this blog should take off; a circumnavigation of the UK and then chasing the sun around the world, wherever the winds, tides and my fancy take me.  Until then, the pace will be a little more gentle (apart from the Thorpe Park adventure).......but please do stay tuned.

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