Monday, 23 May 2011

Morocco Friends Reunited.

Mount Toubkal - Morocco 2010
 Another lovely weekend spent enjoying the English countryside and the company of a group of likeminded friends who met on a walking holiday in Morocco last year.


It was our second reunion since the trip to Morocco last September and this time we headed to Kent for a catch-up, a walk and to enjoy the local hostelries in that area.  The age range of the group goes from early twenties to early eighties, but the shared interests of walking, the great outdoors and travel transcend that age gap and a very pleasant weekend was had by all.  Most surprising was to learn of the musical talent within some of our group and an evening of piano playing was one of the last things I expected of the weekend - how are we going to top that next time!

Over the 24-hours we were together we covered quite a few miles and saw many beautiful aspects of Kent and East Sussex and I have posted just a few of the photos I took over the weekend.

             Thanks for a great weekend everyone.

A radio mast!

A real tree!

PS - Something that I was surprised to see during our walks was the radio/telephone mast pretending to be a tree - I’m not really sure why it was designed in this way, as it neither looks realistic or blends in with the local surroundings.  It actually looks more like a dead tree that has turned grey and may fall to the ground at any moment, rather than anything natural or attractive. Does, whoever erected it, expect local wildlife and birds to make their homes in it............?

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