Sunday, 17 June 2012

Another Birthday

For regular readers of this blog, you may have remembered that it was my birthday on Friday and whilst it was lovely to receive so many great cards and presents the highlight came on Saturday, when Anita had arranged a surprise luncheon for me with so many of our family and friends joining us on the waterfront at Ipswich.

Evidently there is photographic evidence of the look of surprise on my face when I realised that I knew everyone in the restaurant and once I have a copy of that photo then I will add it on here.  I had no idea that so much planning had been going on without me knowing a single thing about it!!
Not something I normally wear!
As well as celebrating my birthday yesterday we also celebrated (a little after the event) my retirement with cake and champagne on 'Brown Eyes' - could life get much better??

A  big, big "Thank you" to everyone.......especially Anita.

Here's the update;

The moment the penny dropped!!

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