Sunday, 10 March 2013

Masts Down.....

Brown Eye's Masts
The masts have now been 'stepped' on Brown Eyes and she has been moved over to Fox's Marina ready for having her hull resprayed.
Looking a bit different without covers, masts or sails.
I also removed the cockpit covers and these have now been repaired where the UV sunlight had deteriorated the stitching.  Later in the week I plan to look at a used main-sail.  Hopefully, if it is in good condition, that will then become the "in use" sail and then the current one will be stowed away as a spare.  The current sail is still usable, but is now getting quite old and has several repairs.
All ready for her respray
Hopefully, once Brown Eyes is back at Neptune I can get on with some of the cosmetic work inside and start making preparations for a circumnavigation of the UK later this year.

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