Friday, 26 April 2013

All back together again........

Brown Eyes is all back together again, with her masts up and sails fitted.  I'm relieved to say that the used sail I bought a couple of months ago fits better than her previous one and she is looking in good condition.  This week I have also fitted a new hatch in the aft cabin and re-bedded the other two hatches.  After the rain we have had in Ipswich over the past 24hrs, I'm pleased to say things are much more water-tight down below than before! 
The check list of tasks to-do before setting off on the circumnavigation of the UK is getting shorter; or rather the tasks on the list are not as major as they were a year ago.......the list isn't actually getting shorter - if you own a boat, they never do!  Hopefully this time next week she will be shipshape (excuse the pun) and ready for the adventure to begin.....

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