Thursday, 4 April 2013

Stare out a tiger.........

Early morning mist.......
One of the highlights of our recent trip to Nepal was an elephant safari at dawn in the Chitwan National Park.  Riding an elephant was an adventure in itself and, as the other wildlife is use to elephants being close by, this allowed us to approach much closer than would normally be expected .  
One-horned Rhinoceros (smiling?)
Within a vert short time we were approaching 2 One-horned Rhinos coming to the river for an early morning drink.  
Being on the back of a huge elephant ensured our safety, however our guide had told us that if we were on foot and had come face to face with a rhinoceros we should either climb a convenient, large tree or run in a zig-zag dropping clothing and possessions as we ran, hoping that the rhino would become distracted.  The advice about meeting a tiger required a tad more bravery; stare the big cat in the eye, whilst slowly backing away.........luckily we were not required to put this advice to the test, but useful to know for the future......just in case.

Later in the day we were treated to the spectacle of a lone rhino bathing in a lake......
Bottoms-up - laying on its back!!

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