Sunday, 20 March 2011

Well done the COP.

A beautiful sunny day containing a long drive from Bournemouth to Peterborough and then home: and could I resist taking the roof off my car......could I heck!  In the past I have often mocked those people with convertibles who decide to drive with their roof down, just because the sun is out, even though it is freezing...........but now I have joined that club of people to be mocked and you know what?  It felt pretty good!!

The purpose of today’s journey was to go and watch my son play hockey with the City of Peterborough’s First Team.  They were playing Bedford, their biggest rivals in the league, but started from a position of strength as they have already qualified for promotion to the National League - well done lads!  I am not going to try and compete with the sports pages of the local newspaper within this blog, - all I will say is........ 5-1 and let you look at the photos...........hopefully they say enough? 
What I will mention is the quality crowd.  Not a particularly large gathering by any means, however, the standard of heckling and banter was world class and one particular gentleman would do well on any stand-up comedy circuit.  His comment to one of the referees after he had made another dodgy decision was along the lines of: “by the laws of probability you would have got at least one decision correct if you had just guessed them all” was timed to perfection and had his fellow spectators in hysterics.  I hope he makes it to next years fixtures. 
 Obviously full credit must go to the team and the trainers- some entertaining play and a fitting result: great effort - keep it up next year, you deserve the champagne.

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  1. The comedian in question I am proud to say is my younger brother and 4th team captain Michael Green. He was on form!


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