Monday, 14 March 2011

Not Another Blogger!!

Yes, I'm afraid it is another blogger.  And to be honest, I don't know where this blogger is going with this particular blog......but there is a reason for starting it.
After 32 years of travel and adventure courtesy of HMG, there is a light at the end of this particular military tunnel and new, undisciplined adventures are just opening out before my eyes.  During those 32 years of being sent here, there and everywhere I have often written to the folks back home spinning yarns about wherever I might be and the locals that I have encountered there and my Dad has repeatedly suggested that I should put pen to paper and write my memoirs.  This suggestion from him was based on the small snippets of sanitized stories that I had put in those letters and I can see his point; I have been lucky enough to work and visit some extraordinary places on mother Earth and get paid for the privilege. I have stood on the tops of mountains and looked down on the beautiful, wondrous world and I have slept in a snow-hole feeling so cold that wondered if I would wake up the next morning, I have been made welcome in the homes of both some of the richest and the poorest people of societies around the world and also seen how badly man can treat man. I started that book on several occasions, and the first few paragraphs lay electronically degrading somewhere on a now unused external hard-drive: for those of you who are interested, it was going to be called  "Military Travel - what the tax-payer should know" or something along those lines.  The mammoth task of remembering and regurgitating 32 years worth of sandbag-pulling and tilley-swinging stories and then getting them down on paper is just too much for me at the moment.  Not because I couldn't do it, but because I reckon I could have another 32 years worth of travel stories to add to them. So hence this blog - starting it is a small step in two long journeys and is linked to my recently published website  The website links to one of those journeys - the past - it is a pathway into my photographic records of my previous adventures and travels and will continue to grow as new adventures unfold.  This blog will be the link to my current journey, what am I up to now, where are my plans taking me and......well anything else I want to get off my chest.
Already I have used some military slang and colloquial terms in this blog and because of this: God created Google!  As I shed my military skin these terms should become less of a feature on these pages and hopefully my waffling will become easier to digest and understand........we will see.
For those of you that decide to come here regularly (thank you) but please do not expect a new entry everyday.  Life is for living and I need to get out there so I have things to write about - it's a chicken and egg thing!
It would be fantastic to receive feedback and comments from anyone out there but I really do understand if you do not have the time - thanks for visiting, let the future begin...................

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