Thursday, 24 March 2011


For the few of you that have been following my blog.............hang-on, there is something I need to ask before I finish that sentence.  Who is it in Estonia and Hungary that has looked at my blog??? - Please do get in touch and tell me who you are - I am intrigued!  I can understand the hits from the US and from the Netherlands (thanks gents, it was a pleasure working with you in Palestine - let’s hope our colleagues who followed on from us are safe after yesterday’s events in Jerusalem), but who in Estonia knows me?

Anyway, I digress.......for the few of you that have been following this blog (my thanks to the lads of COP Hockey Club who seem to have vastly boosted my ‘hits’), you will probably have noticed the absence of new entries this week.  That’s not because there isn't anything is happening in my life or because of any onset of apathy, it’s more to do with the fact that I have been back at work* and work is one of those things that I am trying to shed from my life and therefore I choose not to write about it on here. (* By the term work, I mean being stuck in the office and working for someone else.)  
I am now heading back to the south coast for the next few days to undertake some additional sail-related courses and will hopefully have some photos of what I have been doing to show you on here.  In the meantime, after yesterday’s beautiful weather, here is a picture that I hope shows just how beautiful the English countryside is.  

Is there anything to match it in Estonia?

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