Thursday, 17 March 2011

A Homage to Ohm.

Well the simple answer to that last question (yesterday) is yes............but then something better came along so the answer has changed; the telling of that tale will have to wait a while longer, until I have something a bit more definite to tell you.
Today was day one of ‘an introduction to small boat electrics’ and as you can see from the photos, they were certainly small boats.  Whilst I think I mastered the wiring techniques, I was not convinced by the seaworthiness (is that the longest word in this blog so far?) of our vessels.  What did impress me though was the intelligence of Herr Georg Ohm. Not only did he manage to tame electricity and bring it under control for the enjoyment of the civilized world, but he also managed to do it with the minimum number of letters from the alphabet in his formula.  A long time ago I had previously suffered from a month or so of studying radar theorem which qualified me to decide when it was necessary to call out a trained engineer to fix the associated radar systems for surface to air missiles.  So I am well aware of the inherent need for physicist and engineers to include as many digits, underscores, letters and wonderful symbols such as  ∑ or ∞ or ≈ in their formula, thus proving (they believe) to the world how intelligent they are. But I believe in KISS, as does Mr Ohm.
So ‘Well done!” to Georg and many thanks for making it possible to have a fridge on my yacht so that I will never be without cold beer!  Life is good.

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