Friday, 8 April 2011

British Tradition

When it comes to complaining I am a bit of a British traditionalist.........I just don’t say much...........but sometimes you have to.  Today is drawing to a close and it finds me down in Chatham (Kent) ready for the Gillingham boat fair being held tomorrow and Sunday (there is meant to be 40 second-hand yachts on show - hence I am here) and I booked a room in the Ramada Encore hotel over the internet.  I thought I had found myself a good deal, however, the scales are starting to tip the other way.  I was welcomed by a friendly member of staff and the room was basic, but functional and clean......apart from the red lipstick stains on one of the coffee cups and a coffee ring around the inside of the other. 
After a run along the river bank and a stroll around the marina, I headed back to the hotel intent on taking advantage of the special in the restaurant: pie and a pint. After waiting over 20 minutes to get served at the bar (not because it was busy, but due to lack of staff) I went for the steak and kidney and a pint of ‘Bombardier’ and was initially impressed by the large portion of mash potato and pile of diced veg that arrived.........however.........  When I cut into the rough-puff pastry pie case, it was definitely all puff and hardly any meat (if any), kidney or gravy.  There was no way I was accepting that, so I took it straight back to the bar.  The barman (who was now present and chatting to his mate) said he was unable to do anything and I asked for the duty manager to be summoned; on arrival he said they had never had a complaint before (well you have now!) and he would refund me for my meal..........but I was not offered an alternative.  Somehow I feel like I am the one at fault - why is that??

So forgive this entry being a short one, but I am off out to find some food and hopefully tomorrow morning’s breakfast will be better - I’ll let you know and also tell you about the boat fair.  I hope you (those of you in Britain that is) have all enjoyed today's sun.

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