Monday, 4 April 2011

A Scorcher and Ice Cream.

After extensive internet research last night I headed down to Walton-on-the-
Naze today, to look over the some yachts.  Until yesterday I didn’t even know there was a marina at Walton -  but there it was at the stated postcode and here are a few pictures to prove it.  I was impressed by the way the yachts on offer for sale were lined up with signs in front of them, listing their details, but less impressed by the fact that the broker was closed on a Sunday.  

Anyway, there were a few possibilities down there, making a return trip in the future worthwhile.  One of those possibilities was a yacht called ‘Scorcher’, complete with red trim, sail covers and cockpit-canopy.  Now Scorcher doesn’t actually tick all the boxes in my list of requirements of a live-aboard, but she does match my car........what else can a man ask for?  I jest; she is lovely and is probably worth a return visit when the broker is open, along with a couple of other yachts I saw down there.

After my window shopping I took a stroll along the sea front of Walton and was surprised to see so many beach-huts!  Not just in a single row like you see in places such as Brighton - in Walton there are terraces of them! 

Along with the beach-huts there is everything you would expect to  find at a seaside resort; a pier, ice cream, a fun fair and fish and chips.  It must be an amazing place in summer when it is full of families enjoying the English seaside at its best - but today, even though it was gloriously sunny, it was surprisingly quiet.........  

...........and I think that is the way I prefer it.

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