Friday, 1 April 2011

Yacht Wanted.

I must be slipping?  It is the 1st of April today and I didn’t notice one April’s Fool spoof!  Is this a sign that I am losing my edge and life is going on around me unnoticed, or a sign of change in society where jokes and wind-ups are best left unaired for fear of upsetting someone?  Whatever the answer is, I’m off to the Ferrari garage tomorrow, evidently they are giving away free cars - I heard about it on the radio this morning.......
But it’s not a car that I am after, as you know - it’s a yacht.  Something that will get me around the world (slow-time), something comfortable enough to be my home, sturdy in all weather conditions and something that will not require too much preparation and keep me from starting the adventure.
For those of you that don’t know, all over the country (mainly on the coast you will not be surprised to hear) there are brokers who want to sell you a yacht and they are very keen to offer advice and send you the details of the yachts that they currently have on their books.  In addition to this, there are many websites where you can put in your requirements and search for your dream yacht - in all corners of the world.  And there are plenty of yachts available.  In fact, choosing the right one is the difficult bit and I have now looked at quite a selection;  Westerlys, Moodys, Barbicans and Beneteaus to name just a few.  I am working on the philosophy that I will know the right yacht when I see her.........  I have had some come close to ticking all the right boxes, but I still have plenty of time to find ‘the’ one.
I’ll let you know when I find her.

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  1. I find myself browsing the internet, looking at yachts, at odd times during the day and night - often when I should be doing something else :-) My favourite at the moment is the british built Starlight 39, saw one in Cornwall last year and thought it a lovely yacht ... what is your view on that one? ..... rather big problem though, I would have to win the lottery first!!


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