Saturday, 9 April 2011

"Quick March"

As it turn out, breakfast wasn’t too bad.  Plenty of fresh fruit, cereals and the like, as well as the infamous British cooked breakfast.  The choice of eggs was restricted to either boiled or scrambled.........  Is it me or have we lost the art of producing really good scrambled egg?  Most hotels and cafes seem to produce a rubberized substitute and if you ask for poached (which I am particularly partial to) you get served something akin to an armour-piercing bullet!

On checking out I was pleased to note that I was not charged for the pie from the previous evening.......however,  I was charged for the pint - I’m not sure how they worked that out as it was a special deal.  Anyhow, I will  get my revenge by not going back to the Ramada Encore in Chatham (ever!!!) and I look forward to the email asking for my review - I will be giving it to them with both barrels and the gun will be loaded with armour-piercing poached eggs.

The Gillingham Boat Fair was worth a visit.  Plenty of yachts to climb aboard and view, if nothing else it helped me to realise the kind of yacht that I didn’t want.
There was a Sea Cadet band playing for most of the time I was there and I found myself almost breaking into a march several times and having flashbacks to my time on the come that sometimes I cannot remember where I parked my car but at the sound of marching music I can feel a “present-arms” coming on????  You do not need to send in your answers........I already know what it is!

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