Monday, 2 September 2013

Filey to Lowestoft

Filey the next morning.
 With a leg of 150 miles to cover, I was up early and away with the sun rise.
The wind was favourable, but there was a large sea swell once I was out of the protection of the bay

Crossing the Wash in darkness was quite a challenge with so many wind turbines, platforms and other vessels to pick out and identify in the darkness.
The night seemed to go on forever and I was pleased to see the first rays of light on the horizon; it had been a long night.
I still had some way to go before reaching Lowestoft.  When I did finally pull into the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club, I had been sailing for 36 hours.  After a hot meal and a pint, I slept very well!
Lighthouse of the day.

Lighthouse of the second day.
Lowestoft Lighthouse

Entry into Lowestoft harbour - a welcome sight.

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