Monday, 2 September 2013

Sunderland to Filey Bay...

My next marina stop was going to be Lowestoft, some 200 nautical miles away, and I had planned to do this in two legs, anchoring off in the mouth of the Humber river.

Lighthouse of the day.
The highlight of the day, and of my whole trip, was a whale sighting.  As usual, I was staring out into the horizon and my mind was further away, when a whale surfaced 10ft to the side of Brown Eyes, blowing out of it's air hole.  To say the least, it made me jump!!

The whale swan across my bow and appeared a couple more times off to the port side, allowing me to grab a couple of photos, and then he was gone.

Once I have identified what kind of whale it was, I will update this blog entry. (The Sea Watch Foundation have now confirmed the sighting as a Minke Whale and my photos can be seen on their recent sightings webpage)
Progress was not as fast as I had hoped and in the end I decided to take the option of an alternative anchorage and stopped at Filey a long leg next!

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  1. flamborough and Happisburgh light houses and im fairly sure its a minkie whale


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