Monday, 2 September 2013

Final Day.......

Ok, this is it!  After over 2200 nautical miles and 3 months, it is the final leg of my single-handed, UK circumnavigation. 

I thought it best to put todays blog entry on now and will update it later in the week.

When I left on 28 May earlier this year I had never, ever, previously sailed single handed..............the best way to learn is to do and I’ve done it!

Did you know that less people circumnavigate the UK than cross the Atlantic each year?

There are quite a few “thank you’s” to hand out:

Anita: for putting up with my crazy ideas and supporting me in them.......sorry, but there are more to come.

Everyone who has sponsored me and given money to EACH.  If you haven't yet sponsored me, please, please do:

The RNLI, Coastguard and all the Harbour Masters - what a stirling job you all do.

All the media people that have printed or posted things about my fund raising efforts.

The fundraising staff at EACH.

All my fellow yachtsmen out there; always friendly, always willing to lend a hand and offer advice.

All of you for reading and supporting this blog, for all the positive feedback and comments.

And finally thank you to “Brown Eyes” - no matter what happened, I always felt safe on her - she is a great yacht.  And that is why I am putting her up for sale.  Everywhere we have been together on this journey we have seen other fantastic yachts, now rotting away in their berths, forgotten and uncared for.  Wasted.

Brown Eyes needs to be sailed and I have so many other challenges and travels that I want to do, not involving sailing.  I’m afraid that she may well end up like those others and I would not want that to happen.  So if anyone knows of somebody looking for a great yacht, that can cross oceans in comfort, please put them in touch with me.  Reasonable offers considered.

As for me; well short term I need to get ready for a 100km race in 12 days time and then the 268 mile Spine’s a tough challenge and I need to be hill fit.

Long term: well I intend to live to be 100 years old........plenty more challenges to fit in between now and stay tuned...........................

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