Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Stour Valley Path 100km a week on.

I think I may well have been putting off typing up this particular blog post.
This time last week I was slogging my way along the 62 miles of the Stour Valley, but I only made it as far as mile 42.
The start in Newmarket
I was disappointed to say the least, not to have completed the whole course, but I was falling behind the cut-off times and the checkpoints were closing ahead of me.  
CP 2

Deep down I think I could have pushed on further and maybe even have finished.....but the organisers would have all gone home by that time!  So I stopped at the 4th of 6 checkpoints. There were 97 people entered, 10 failed to start and 31 did not finish - of those DNFs I had gone the 2nd furthest.
Coming into CP3
It is now 7 days later and I have had a chance to think about why things didn't go as planned and also to look ahead to my next challenge, learning from the SVP experience.  My legs have recovered quickly and I feel ready to start training again; this time I will not be trying to fit it in around the demanding challenge of sailing around the UK and I can now concentrate my efforts on preparation for The Spine Race, a far tougher race!
CP4 and my finish!

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