Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The last day: Lowestoft to Ipswich

Despite being tired from the previous passage, I was keen to push on and get home.  Although I live in Ipswich I have never actually sailed northward from there, so this part of the route was still new to me, but I had seen many of the landmarks before from dry land!

Lighthouse of the day.
 It was great to see the cranes of the Felixstowe docks appear on the horizon; once past them it was just a case of motoring up the River Orwell.

One happy yachtsmen with home in sight. 
Harwich swamped by a floating hotel.

A little too close for my liking!!
Lightship of the day.
Worlds largest Meccano set (Felixstowe docks)
Why didn't I carry one of those?
The Orwell Bridge and the lights of home in the background.
I hope that anyone dropping in on my blog over this past 3 months have enjoyed it - it's coming up to 20,000 hits so someone must like it.  So far I have raised over £1300 for EACH and I am half way to my target with 5 months and 2 challenges yet to go.  Please do consider sparing a few pounds to this very worthy cause, it will be very much appreciated.  Thank you.

I plan to keep the blog going for the foreseeable future, so you will be able to track any future challenges on here and on my Facebook page.

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