Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Cape Wrath......


Cape Wrath, the most northwesterly point of the UK mainland, lived up to its name.

Brown Eyes was pounded all over the place as we approached, rounded and passed the most rugged of coastlines, but she kept going as I stood at the helm trying to keep her on course and grab the occasional photo.

Leaving Loch Inchard
Cape Wrath - Lighthouse of the day.
My first look along the rugged north coast of Scotland.
The wind was up at F7 and this seemed to increase as we entered Loch Eriboll, our chosen anchorage for the night.  The wind was funneled along the valley and finding a suitable place to drop the anchor was difficult.  In the end I had to reposition the anchor 4 5 times before I felt Brown Eyes was secure and it was safe to switch of the engine. A very, very tiring day.

Tomorrow the journey begins towards John O’Groats and then it’s all south from there!
Entering Loch Eriboll, looking for an anchorage. 
The days route.

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