Saturday, 24 August 2013

Wick to Peterhead.....

 A day off in Wick gave me a chance to stretch my legs and feel the ground under my feet after 6 days without having got off of Brown Eyes.
 Whilst the Old Pulteney distillery visitors centre was open there were no guided tours that day, but I enjoyed looking around the centre and taking in the distinctive smell of malted barley that hung in the air.
 Crossing the Moray Firth was my next objective and this involved my first overnight passage of the trip so far.  
Looking back into Wick Harbour.
Old Lighthouse of the day.
Out through the harbour walls.
I managed some good sailing before the wind dropped in the afternoon and I encountered some thick 'pea-souper' fog.  I switched my radar on, also for the first time on this trip, to give myself some 'eyes' and kept a careful lookout for anything that might loom out of the fog at the last minute.
Sunset and there was still a long way to go.
 As I got closer to Peterhead the scenery had definitely changed in comparison to the mountainous terrain that I had been looking at for the last couple of weeks.
Lighthouse of the next day.
The Iron-Bru well and processing plant.

Heading into Peterhead Harbour. 

 After a long day and night at sea I needed some sleep.....

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