Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Gale Warnings......

Luckily there was mobile phone coverage in the anchored and was able to get the shipping forecast for the area.  There have been gale force warnings up to F9 issued for both Hebrides and Fair Isles (41-47Kts and wave height up to 10m possible), which was good enough reason to stay put.  

Even in the sheltered cove I felt the increased strength of wind and on Saturday afternoon the anchor came loose and Brown Eyes started to drag it back into the main channel and into the stronger current.  This called for immediate action; I started the engine and put the engine into a slow forward drive whilst I could go forward and pull the anchor back up onto the foredeck.  I had to dart back and forwards between the cockpit and the foredeck, keeping Brown Eyes on course and safe whilst also getting the anchor and chain back on board.  Once this was done I could reposition Brown Eyes in the cove and drop the anchor again, this time with additional chain paid-out to give a stronger hold to the seabed. 
The wind continued to push Brown Eyes around throughout the day and night and I had a restless night as I kept checking to ensure we stayed in the safety of the cove.

In the morning the wind had slightly subsided and the forecast was down to F8 with very rough seas predicted; this meant another day in Loch Inchard.

The seals continued their normal daily routing of swimming around the cove and laying out on the rocks, probably keen to have their territory back to themselves.

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