Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Carrickfergus to Port Ellen

My time of departure from Carrickfergus was determined by the opening times of the fuel berth.  This was my last port before the Scottish Isles, where fuel can sometimes be less readily available.  I had also stocked up on rations and topped up the water tanks.

There was a good wind and the tide was with us for all but the last couple of hours of our passage.  We saw very few other boats out on the water, just the occasional ferry crossing to or from the mainland.  As I said farewell to Ireland I could see Scotland on the bow; I now had the full collection of UK nations in my circumnavigation.
Last look back at NI 
The day's route.
 As we approached Port Ellen on the Isle of Islay the rain started and darkness fell, so once again I dropped the anchor in the dark; but at least I knew this was a suitable location as there was another yacht already using the cove as shelter.  Waking up the next morning I could take in the view.....
Port Ellen 
Lighthouse of the day.

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