Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Onwards to Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland.....

The day's planned route.

I didn’t sleep well; I never do the first night in a new anchorage, not being 100% sure if the anchor is dragging or holding firm and I was up and about again soon after 5 getting on with the list of jobs I had written the night before.
Sticking my head out of the hatch, it was lovely to see the sunrise and get my first glimpse of the surrounding coastline, including a castle!
Reflecting on a castle.
The sea was calm and there was little wind, but I weighed anchor and set off at 8 heading to my last port in Northern Ireland before crossing to the Scottish Islands.

Lighthouse of the day.
Carrickfergus castle
Carrickfergus was a welcome sight and a chance to catch up on some sleep.......

Brown Eyes in the marina...far left.

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