Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Loch Gairloch to Loch Inchard.....

A more civilised start this morning and I set sail with the aim to get as close to Cape Wrath as possible, bearing in mind that there are warnings of gales in the next day or so.

 The scenery became more rugged the further north I got.
The fishing looks good here.
It will not be long until that one topples!
Lighthouse of the day.
I pulled into Loch Inchard in the early evening and slowly entered the anchorage that I had found marked on the chart.  There were several seals swimming around the cove and they even stayed around after I had dropped my anchor.

Heading into the loch.
The gales are due tomorrow, along with very rough seas in this area, so I may have to stay here a couple of days before venturing around Cape Wrath and along the northern shore of Scotland before turning south and the run back to home.
Todays route.

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