Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Mallaig to Loch Gairlock, via Skye....

Mallaig Harbour
A misty start to the day.
Getting up at 5am seems to be getting more difficult - it may be something to do with my age or this journey is starting to take its toll.

My training for my 100km race in mid-September (my second challenge) has definitely tapered early and I think the daily sailing is starting to have an effect on my legs, as I can feel the tendons and ligaments shortening!

I had originally planned to leave Brown Eyes at Fort William and to travel back to Suffolk by train for the race, but as you can see I am well past Fort  William and the plan is now to try and reach Ipswich early in September or to get as close as possible.  This is all dependent on the weather and as I get closer to Cape Wrath there are warning of gales on the horizon.....
Other early risers.
 Getting back to today, the aim was to get past the Skye road bridge and the early start was necessary to catch the north going tide that would take me to the bridge.  It was one of those days when you feel like you are on the inside a cloud and everything was wet from the start.  With no wind I had to motor for most of the morning, but as I reach the bridge the sun broke through and the clouds started to burn away.  

As I had made such good time, I decided to push on further north and a little closer to Cape Wrath.

On route, I paused to check with the Range Control that there were no live firings in the torpedo range and was given the “All clear” to continue as the firings were not due until later that day.
Lighthouse of the day.

Will it fit under........
Looking back.
The wind faded away early in the afternoon so I pulled in to Loch Gairloch in the sunshine and found a deserted anchorage to spend the night in.
Heading into Loch Gairlock
The view in my anchorage. 
The days route.

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