Saturday, 1 June 2013

Brighton to Chichester Harbour......

The days route
 The first thing you see as you enter Brighton Marina is the golden arches of McD’s and it is the last thing you see as you leave........which just about sums the place up.  I had never berthed there before and probably never will again; too commercial, too ‘the in place to be’ - but then, that is the yachty south coast for you.

Anyway, as I put Brighton behind me, the sun broke through the clouds and the wind picked up!  For the next 4 hours it was beautiful sailing conditions and I enjoyed the noise of the water lapping along Brown Eyes and found myself occasionally talking to myself.  Has madness set in so early!Bang on midday, the wind dropped and I had to resort to motor sailing again.  To top that, as I went to the mast to raise the ‘motoring cone’ (a sign to other boats that you are using the engine and sail) my sunglasses fell off the top of my head and bounced into the sea!  Good job they were only a cheap pair and I have a spare with me!

These glasses are no more!
The black ball tells others I am at anchor.
 As I reached the mouth of Chichester Harbour I dropped my main sail and flaked my anchor chain across the deck, all ready for my first single-handed anchorage.

I found my way to my chosen spot, finding 2 other yachts with similar ideas, just to the North of Pilsey Island in Thorney Channel.

Others in the anchorage

I gently scribed a couple of figure-eights with Brown Eyes, checking the depth and the affect of wind and tide.  Choosing my spot, I put the engine into neutral and went to the bow, easing the anchor into the water along with 30m of chain as the tide took Brown Eyes backwards.  Once back at the helm, | put her in reverse and felt the anchor hold; simples!

I am however, a little worried about getting the anchor up again tomorrow morning around 4, as there are now several other boats around me.  I will be darting back and forwards from bow to helm, hopefully dodging everyone else at the same time as getting the anchor free!

But in the meantime, I will enjoy a night at anchor, tomorrow is another day.

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