Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Pwllheli to Holyhead....

Forgot to put this up before - the route to Pwllheli.
Three ugly ducklings.
After 5 days of being weather bound at Pwllheli it was great to see a break in the weather finally arrive.  I had planned an early start in order to use the favourable following tide to get through the Bardsey Sound.  If I caught it wrong I would be battling against a 6 knot current and that would mean I would have to go around the island, costing me time.

As I tried to leave the marina I soon found that there was quite a bit of silt build-up around the visitor berths and I was unable to get to the main ‘cut’ leading out of the marina until the tide had come in a little further which gave me the clearance under my keel.  In the end I had to wait 45 minutes, but I was still on time to catch current.

As I approached Bardsey Sound Brown Eyes really picked up speed and I was soon racing along at over 14 knots and it stayed this way for nearly an hour!!
Heading to Bardsey Sound.....
The SPD (speed) is how fast I am moving through the water, measured by a little paddle wheel in the bottom of the hull and the SOG (speed over ground) is measured by GPS - so the current carrying me is almost 7 knots!
Todays route.
 That helped us make good time and we soon arrived at Holyhead on Anglesey and a welcome overnight berth.
Lighthouse of the day (note the path down to it!)

Entering Holyhead Harbour.

Holyhead Marina

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