Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Falmouth to .........Newlyn

Leaving Falmouth behind

Lighthouse of the day..... 
I had originally planned to make it around Lands' End today, but the wind was not strong enough to give me the pace I required to catch the tidal gates, so after a while I admitted defeat and headed to Newlyn and anchored up outside the Harbour wall for the night.

Brown Eyes has a hot water tank, heated by the engine (when it’s running) but unfortunately one of the ridged joints has sprung a leak and now when I run the engine it starts to lose water.  I have tried tightening the joint and used plumbers tape, but I think I will need to call in a professional when I get the chance.  The tank is not an original feature of this yacht and has obviously been fitted later on and is only held in by a canvas strap and some plywood, the vibration of the engine has obviously damaged the joint and there is no way to isolate the tank.
The entrance to Newlyn Harbour
Tomorrow I will hopefully round Lands' End; this will be the furthest West I have sailed in the UK.  It will be a long day, but one I am looking forward to; all part of the challenge.


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