Thursday, 6 June 2013

Torquay to Salcombe

Torquay at night
The day's route
A day off in Torquay was just what I needed to get myself and Brown Eyes cleaned up, replenish the rations and do some planning. 
Around the rugged rocks......
I planned a shorter leg today, it is time to slow things down a bit and enjoy the journey - I have a long way to go still. 
Salcombe was my destination and as my favourable tide was not until after 9am I had a leisurely start to the day.
Birds too lazy to fly (or too fat)
As I set off I soon found the wind was not as forecast and was coming from directly behind.  This always makes any boat have more of a rolling motion as it travels through the water, which is often the cause of some peoples’ seasickness. Luckily, this is not something I am prone to.

For a Tuesday, there seemed to be quit a few other yachts out on the water and everyone seemed to be struggling to get the best from their yachts, with a number of different sail setups being used to catch the tail-wind.

Lighthouse of the day.
A little over 5 hours found me in Salcombe with the friendly Harbour Master helping me tie off on a visitors buoy - a chance to enjoy the sunshine and watch the boats go by.

An enjoyable, chilled day....... 
Salcombe harbour.

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