Friday, 21 June 2013

Skomer Island to Pwllheli.....

I was awake soon after 4 and after a quick breakfast I was pulling up the anchor and by 5 and heading off.  I needed to catch the tide, putting it to use to get through some gaps in headlands and therefore saving myself some time and distance.
I wouldn't fancy mowing their lawn!!
Unfortunately there was next to no wind and so, again, I had to resort to the engine.
As I passed through Jack Sound and then Ramsey Sound, riding the tide, I was treated to a lovely sunrise.
Rocks to to be avoided.
My own personal flypast.
More rocks.....
I wanted to get to the north of Cardigan Bay and I had the choice of the long route of following the coastline or taking the straight line route, which meant going through the middle of the range area there. A quick phonecall to the range authority told me there was no firing planned for the day, so I was able to take the shortcut.  Along the way I passed quite a few target-barges moored out on the water and was pleased I had made that call and that it was a non-firing day.
Going for the gap.
The day was filled with many more seabirds and a single dolphin; but millions of jelly fish - not a place to go for a dip.
Jellyfish......millions of them!!!

Safely in Pwllheli
Pwllheli Marina was a welcome site and I was very pleased to moor up and switch off the engine; I had covered 95 nautical miles.......I think I need a day off....
Lighthouse of the day.

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