Saturday, 1 June 2013

Chichester to Studland Bay .....

I awoke this morning at 4.30, without the aid of an alarm, my body-clock telling me that the tide was high and I needed to go with it, as the water flooded back out of Chichester Harbour.  Going with the tide would ensure I could make best speed towards my next destination, Studland Bay.

Early start.
I had been worried about getting the anchor up on my own, but it all worked out ok and I was soon on my way.

My plan had always been to go south of the Isle of Wight, as this was somewhere I had never ventured before, even though much of my sail training and experience had been gained in the Solent area, for some reason all my sailing had been north of the island.

So I set my sails, turned off the engine and headed out.  The wind was over 20 knots and with the tide behind me Brown Eyes hit 10.4 knots - the fastest we have ever been!! Usually she is happy at around the 6-8 knots, so this was quite an event.

Sir Ben.....
What's that in the distance?
As we sailed on I could make out a strange structure in the distance and even with the binos could not make out what it was.  As time progressed I eventually realised that it was a yacht, but not a normal yacht, and it had several speed boats accompanying it. This was (Sir) Ben Ainslie on his record breaking trip in the annual Round the Island Race.  Luckily I did not get in his way and even though I waved, he did not stop to chat or even wave back......still I got some decent photos and a view of the race most people never see.
And there he was, gone....
A good ten minutes behind Ben there were several other impressive looking yachts and then hundreds upon hundreds of others followed on; although it was my right of way, I decided to go out further from the island and allow the racers the shorter route.

I had not realised that the race was on today - but it was an amazing experience to watch; I was in the right place at the right time!

A few hours later Studland Bay was in view, as was the RNLI lifeboat and a helicopter picking up a diver that had experienced problems and needed to go to hospital.  I had been listening on the VHF radio to the Coast Guard dealing with the situation for several hours and this was just one of several incidents they had been dealing with.  Hopefully everything worked out ok for the diver.
Another anchorage in a beautiful location and the chance to chill before another long day tomorrow.  The waves will be rocking me to sleep tonight.

They just kept coming!!
Lighthouse of the day - St Catherine Point

The route around the island.....

The Needles from the other side

The RNLI doing what they do best.

Tonight's gastronomic feast...

Just a reminder, I am doing this as one of three challenges to raise awareness and funds for East Anglian's Children's Hospices - You can find out more here:

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  1. Fabulous shots and an interesting read. Will certainly be tuning in for the next instalments. Great thing you're doing. Enjoy and good luck.

    Jill and Trev Ford


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